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Treat Yo'Self!

I often find myself at the mall...not because I love it (I actually do) but because I have a lot of work events that I have go to which means I need/want a new outfit! In a few days I'm going to the MTV VMA's YAY!! So clearly I need something good to wear, I headed to the mall and after two hours I ended up with NO outfit and a new pair of sneakers! SCORE!

So I bought a black/white pair of Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit at Six:02! I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a good pair of either Black and white or Heathered Grey sneakers and I think I found them! They're a little tight but after wearing them for a couple hours I can already tell that they're going to loosen up.

Here is why every girl needs a pair of cute sneakers...they can go with anything! Pair of jean, shorts, workout gear or a cotton dress! Plus lets be honest, they're super comfy! So go out and Treat Yo'Self and buy a new pair of sneakers!

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