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Do You Have a Little Rihanna In You?

Normally I don't fall into the hype of a celebrity clothing line...unless it's Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez's line HAHA! But I seriously love what Rihanna's been doing lately with her Fenty brand and her beauty line.

RiRi most recently dropped her Fall '17 "Fenty Puma by Rihanna" collection "Fenty University" and I'm in love! I think the main reason I love it is because the style matches my style, a mix of casual and feminine, sport and sexy at the same time! Now her entire collection is centered around her new Puma Creeper Cleats!

With Fall pretty much here I love how the new Puma Creeper Cleats look with jeans...especially the Golden Brown. It goes perfectly with the Lemon Crewneck - I love me a good baseball T! I And HELLO it works great if you pair it with hard denim jeans.

So the hot look this Fall for sure is sweats, but they shouldn't be your baggy boyfriends dirty sweatpants, they should be tighter and tapered. That's why I'm really feeling these "Cotton Black Panel Sweatpants" and I paired it with the Cotton Black Sleeveless Crop Top because who doesn't love a crop top?!

There are more items from her collection that are really dope, like the Sweater Dress. There is this feature on it where you can tighten the sides. So if you want it to be loose you can rock it that way or tighten it and show off those curves. If you want to shop more of the looks CLICK HERE!

Also, check out more styles on Instagram @Six02Style

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