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Grey Sweatpant Season!!

Alright ladies, we know it's all about guys in grey sweatpants! They just look so damn hot in them and I love it! But ladies just because the guys can rock a great pair of sweatpants doesn't mean we can't either!

I know we LOVE our Yoga Pants and I always will but with the weather cooling down you need to put down the Yoga pants and slip on a sweet pair of grey sweatpants! Here are my tips for rocking them...

1. Wear a tighter top or crop top to make the look a bit more feminine. I love this crop top from Adidas that you can get at

2. Try not to get super baggy or wide leg sweatpants. This way you can show off the booty and highlight your sneakers!

3. Don't shy away from embellishments, this takes it from a workout pant to fashion statement. These are my favorite ones right now from Y&G, look out the sides - Check them out HERE!

4. Wear your freshest sneakers with them! That's always a must! I'm seriously loving these Adidas NMD_R1Primeknit in White and Grey. But honestly I want them in every color!

What I truly love is that now I can wear sweatpants, be super comfy and still look cute! Till next time! Muah XO


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