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Keep Your Lashes Long and Your Standards High!

We all LOVE Lashes. I'm obsessed with them, any chance I get to wear false ones I'm in! But what I hate is that I get so use to wearing false ones that when I'm not wearing Lashes I feel like my face just looks so BLAH!!! However we all know, it's not good to wear make up all the time, so when I was planning my winter vacation I told myself I wanted to give my face a rest. BUT I still want to have a nice pop - so I hit up my girl Christina Son and booked an appointment to get some Lash extensions.

I told Christina that I wanted something in between a natural look and glam look! I absolutely loved the results!

What I love about the look is that I don't feel the need to do my eyeliner everyday! I find myself wearing less make up and it feels so good! If you're in LA area and looking to visit someone who is professional, has a clean facility and is SO good at what they do, PLEASE book an appoint with her! CLICK HERE to check out her work! I'm thinking the next time I want to go MORE Glam! ;)

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