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How I Found My Way To Radio!

Osher & I working for The Hot Hits!

It's been a long road but it's been worth it! One question I'm often asked is "How did you get into radio?" But honestly, the "How have I stayed in radio?" is a better story!

After years in radio and behind the scenes I got my first radio job, I was the co-host of the Hot Hits Live from LA and I was going to get to work with the amazing Osher Günsberg!

Osher now lives back in Australia and is the host of the Bachelor AU, The Bachelorette AU & Bachelor in Paradise AU. But it's his podcast that I absolutely LOVE, he is so open about mental health, life and love!

I'm so grateful that I get to call Osher my friend, I would not be where I am today without Osher and the Hot Hits Team. But the greatest lessons in life that I've learned from Osher happened after we stopped working together!

I am so honored that Osher asked me to be a guest on his AMAZING Podcast "The Osher Günsberg Podcast" - Please take a listen, you will not only get to know Osher but find out more about myself and my journey in radio.

I'm not recommending this podcast because I'm a guest, I listen to Osher's podcast every week and it has made me so happy and taught me so much!


Osher just wrote a book and I'm so proud of him!

CLICK HERE to Buy it!

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